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Make the most out of your experience

Thank you for choosing Vivify Salon! We are looking forward to providing you with quality luxury services, tailored just for you! Our services and price list, are based on our Artist's professional training and experience. We pride ourselves on delivering results with high quality products and state of the art application techniques! Before experiencing one of our many luxury services, please take a moment to read over our Salon's policies and procedures. 

Vivify Salon Policies and Procedures

Reschedule or Cancel

If you need to Reschedule or Cancel your appointment, please do so at least


in order to avoid $25 CANCELLATION FEE.

If you do not notify the salon of your need for the appointment change and do not check in for your appointment 


will be charged to credit card on file.


Book directly from our website or on the booking app: Vagaro

*Choose your service

*Choose service provider


less than one year of experience


one to two years of experience


over two years of experience

*Complete Health and

Waiver Form

*Provide Contact and Credit Card information

*Stay updated with Appointment times and Salon Specials

*Register for Text and Email Alerts

Lash Retention

For best results with Eyelash Extension Retention

*Please follow the guidelines we have provided on our beauty tips page.

*Extensions are designed by your Lash Artist to compliment your natural lashes and improve retention goals through technique and quality products by Lash Box LA.


*80% of your retention is based on the quality of your home care.

*Natural Lashes are going to shed

*The average person sheds 2-5 natural lashes a day, which causes the extensions attached to shed as well. 

If you are losing more than the average amount of extensions per day please contact one of our Beauty Professionals.


We are following Knox County Health Department recommendation of requiring face masks of our Stylists and Guests.

*We provide touch free hand sanitation and temperature reading

* Air purifiers equipped with Ionopure Disinfectant Solution


Preparing for your Lash Appointment

We bring new meaning to the words " Beauty Sleep" with, our private lash rooms. Each designed to give you a personal experience that only Vivify Salon can provide. Come and enjoy relaxing music, warm beds, and what we like to call a "Lash Nap". What better way to spend 1-3 hours lying still and flat on your back, than to catch up on your beauty sleep! Wake up with beautiful Lashes!

Clean lashes are happy lashes, which is why we need clean natural lashes to work with so our extensions will adhere and provide you with quality results. We want to provide you with full lashes that last so please come to your appointment free of eye make-up. Our Lash Box LA products provide soft, feathery extensions, with quick drying glue and long lasting results. Help your lashes last by avoiding wetting extensions 4-8 hours post application. Do not apply make-up to extensions, especially mascara. Avoid tanning beds, spray tan steam showers and saunas for at least 24 hours post application.