Beautiful lashes are waiting for you ! Choose from a variety of styles, designed to compliment every lifestyle. Clients who prefer natural looking extensions should choose our Classic Lash Services. Ready to step up your lash game just a little? Not ready for full volume? Choose from our Hybrid Lash Services. Hybrid lashes keep Classic Lashes on most of the natural lashes , while adding a light amount of volume fans. 

No two sets are alike. Each set of natural lashes comes with its own set of traits. Therefore our sets are tailored to compliment your natural lashes, while enhancing them in a healthy and effective way, through advanced application techniques and top of the line products.

Classic and Hybrid Lash Extensions

Our most popular and loved by all the Vivify Girls, Volume Lashes ! We love rockin these soft, fluffy, full, sexy volume lashes! Check out our lashes next time you are in and see how classy, elegant, and yet a little diva can be done without weighing down natural lashes, or looking like strip lashes! Our faux mink extensions are thinner in diameter making them light enough to place multiple extensions on one natural lash! All our extensions regardless of the set, will feel just like your natural lashes. You don't need long full natural lashes to enjoy volume extensions. Volume extensions can give the appearance of full natural lashes to lash lines that are more sparse.  Additional benefit to Volume lashes include ; darker lash line, still feel full as extensions shed.

Volume and Mega Volume Lash Extensions