Eyelash extensions add thickness and length to your natural lashes.  We customize your lash extensions according to your desired look, condition of your natural lashes and number of natural lashes to provide you with eyelash enhancements that are safe and not damaging to your natural lashes. 

We have lash services to fit every budget! We have a Master Lash Stylist certified in Classic (one extension to one natural lash) application as well as Volume 2-3D (multiple extension to one natural lash) applications, all the way up to Russian Volume (4 -6 D ) looks.  Rounding out our lash offerings is our Associate Lash Stylists, who are skilled in applying our Classic Lash Extensions and our 2/3D volume in Synthetic or Genuine Mink

at a discounted cost.   They have demonstrated skills to apply lashes safely and are building their speed and continuing to learn new techniques to advance their skills. Say Bye Bye to Mascara and hello to beautiful lashes!